D. João II

Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014, Hair Details.

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Chanel Spring Summer 2014

Raquel Welch in bikini in Shoot Loud, Louder… I Don’t Understand (1966)

Robert Wechsler.

These coin sculptures by Robert Wechsler were commissioned by The New Yorker for their October 14th, 2013 money edition of the magazine.  Wechsler intricately cut notches into common coins using a jeweler’s saw to create complex geometric forms and shapes.  This series of sculptures is an extension of Wechsler’s “The Mendicant" project where he seeked (and seeks) "to awaken undiscovered virtue in everyday objects and spaces by challenging commonplace associations through careful intervention." You can see more of the beautiful creations by Robert below:

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Robin Saidman for Seventeen magazine, June 1984. Sunglasses by Pan Oceanic.

Bregje Heinen by Karen Collins